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Where to Play Holdem Poker

For both poker experts and poker newbies, the next thing that must be done after learning the basics of a poker variant is to find places or opportunities to play the game. After all, what good is learning the game if one does not use one’s knowledge and skills against real live opponents.

With poker’s popularity, there will always be opportunities to play. There are family gatherings and reunions in which poker is played. And there are fund raising activities in which poker is a major attraction. But what about texas hold’em? It is quite an intricate game and perhaps only a few people feel comfortable or confident enough to play it. Perhaps it is not popular enough? Or perhaps it is too challenging.

Contrary to what was stated above, Texas Hold’em is a popular poker variation. And the one trait that is obvious among gamblers, especially poker players, is that they never avoid or back down from a challenge, not even the reputed challenge of Texas Hold’em. In fact, many poker players look forward to playing Texas Hold’em.

This implies that Texas Hold’em is played not only during the much-awaited tournament, World Series of Poker (WSOP) but this poker variant is played all throughout the year, in many tournaments and in many friendly, unplanned poker games.

Texas Hold’em is not just played in the key cities of Atlantic City and Las Vegas but also in other cities all over the United States. There are casinos and card rooms in both the east coast and the west coast. There are often-visited card rooms in California. Texas Hold’em is played both in the Northern and in the Southern States in over 200 card rooms.

With the advent of Internet, the geographical limits of playing Texas Hold’em have simply disappeared. A poker player can join an online casino and enter a virtual card room where he will be playing against opponents he will not even see throughout his whole life. Inside his home, the poker player could be playing Texas Holdem against someone from across the globe or from across the street.

For extra challenge, the online poker player can bet with real money. Of course, the poker player must be prudent enough to check out the credibility of the online casino so that he won’t be fleeced by a fake one. Then, he should also check out his locality’s laws regarding poker and other gambling games as he should avoid breaking any laws.


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