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Holdem Poker's Popularity in Europe

In Europe and in UK especially holdem poker is not so popular, the British fellow prefer his games much slower and calm, he like to meet in the afternoon to a cup of tea and a calm game of classic poker, there's no room on the table for 5 cards, it's just a mess, on the table there are only the necessary cards and some tea with cookies. Danes just play anytime at their favorite Dansk Casino.

Holdem Poker at the Online Casinos

When it comes to online casinos the story is completely different, when people comes to gamble at an online casino they usually prefer a fast exciting game, therefore holdem poker is very popular in the net, no matter in which country the casino is located and no matter where the gambler is from. Even the British fellows like to play holdem poker on the net according to recent surveys.

So in a way, holdem poker is a mood game, it depends on your mental situation of the player in the moment, some will love it also when they calm and some even prefer it when they calm, but the most prefer to play it when they want a fast game with maximum tension and excitement. Holdem poker will continue to be the king of the fast poker games until a new kind of poker will arrive.


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