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The Player’s Position in Texas Hold’em

The texas hold’em game is unique from other poker variants because of several reasons. One of these reasons is that this particular poker game fixes the position of the players. That is, the small blind of the hand stays the small blind all throughout the four betting rounds. The big blind remains the big blind in the four rounds. And the poker player who is lucky enough to make have the last turn to act will stay in such a coveted position throughout the hand. This implies that the position of the poker player in Texas Hold’em will greatly affect the player’s chances of winning the pot.

Generally, the early positions, such as the positions of the small blind, the big blind, and the person next to the big blind are disadvantageous positions. This is because these poker players had to make a decision with very little information available to them. They will not have a clue as how big or how small the pot will be. Thus, the poker player at the early positions should always avoid playing cards that are weak.

And generally, the late positions, are advantageous because the poker players have more information on which to base their decisions. But of course, position in Texas Hold’em will be useless if the poker player does not know how to it. To guide the poker players, here are some tips.

Early-position players – These are players who are in the first, second, and third seats. They should avoid playing weak hands, and even the moderately strong hands. They should only play premium hands. These hands can win on their own. Premium hands are either straight draws with Aces or high pairs. Playable straight draws for players in the early positions are those that are with Aces, such as an Ace and a King, an Ace and a Queen or an Ace with a Jack. High pairs that must be played are a pair of Aces down to a pair of Tens.

Mid-position players – These are players who are in the fourth, fifth, and sixth seats. These mid-position players should definitely play the above mentioned premium hands. And they can also play more hands, such as Royal Draws, Ace-High Straight Draws, and Medium Pairs. Royal Draws are suited King and Jack or suited Queen and Ten. Ace-High Straight Draws are unsuited King and Queen or unsuited King and Jack. Medium pairs are pairs of Nines down to pairs of Sevens.

Late-position players – These are players in the seventh and later seats. They can play most cards, even those that are low pairs since these can be improved when the turn card and river card arrives.


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