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Free Texas Holdem Rules to Help You Survive

Rules are said to be the only thing that keeps us from going astray. Rules are what keep the world happy. And you know what? The same thing goes for free texas holdem games! So why not make use of this article and improve your online casinos game?

Our free Texas Holdem rules shall ensure that you’ll survive to the very last round!

Verbal Discussion
Once in a while, you’d get to encounter a loquacious player who’d even talk about the hand he’s holding. Are you aware that there are certain rules about that?

Verbal Disclosure of One’s Hand
For some reason or another, sometimes a player actually reveals the true content of his hand. When this happens, the hand he’s holding is considered dead. Pay attention to when this happens.

There may be a penalty for people who disclose the real content of their live hands. So keep mum and just play!

Only the dealer or floor person is allowed to verify if what the player said was true.

The Pot
Let’s say that the dealer verified that the player did indeed describe the hand he was holding. When this happens, he’s naturally disqualified from being the winner. The pot would then be transferred to either the next best hand or the last player to have surrendered his cards.

Nicknames and Slangs
Don’t think that just because you’re using slang words makes you immediately an exception to the rule. It doesn’t! So what’s the best advice? Keep mum and just play!

Using Words of Probability or Conjecture
When you verbally disclose a hand with the use of words such as “may”, “might” or “could”, there’s a very slim possibility that you’ll get off the hook. It’s slim but it’s possible.

Verbal Disclosure for the Purpose of Deception
If a player is caught deliberately misleading players as to the content of his hand or another person’s, a casino has the right to penalize that player.

The Winning Hand
A dealer is not permitted to kill a hand when it’s the winning hand when it’s turned face up.

Sharing Tips
Telling or advising a player how to play is an absolute no-no!

Keep mum and just play!

Rabbit Hunting
Sneaking a look at the discarded hands of those who had folded could get you kicked out of the game.


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