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Practicing with Free Texas Hold’Em Games

Practice makes perfect.

Try and try until you succeed.

These are just some of the common proverbs we hear that emphasize the need of constant practice and that’s exactly what you need to do as well with free texas hold’em poker.

If you’re new to the game, you definitely need to practice with a free texas hold’em game.

Let’s start with the simple stuff first. Generally, there are two basic types of free texas hold’em games: low limit and no limit. Since you’re new, it’s definitely better to restrict your playing to no limit free texas hold’em games…for the time being at least.

Before the free texas hold’em players are dealt two face down cards each, the immediate player to the left of the free texas hold’em dealer is REQUIRED to post a bet, let’s say $1, called the small blind. The small blind in free texas hold’em always represents half of the minimum bet. The free texas hold’em player to his left is then REQUIRED to post yet another bet, called the big blind and is double the amount of the small blind.

After that, the cards are finally dealt to all free texas hold’em players. The third player (next to the one who posted the big blind) is asked whether he wants to bet, raise or fold. When all free texas hold’em players have been asked this, the players who posted the blinds would be the last ones asked.

The blinds are always only posted during the first round of the free texas hold’em game.

It’s always good to remember that when playing free texas hold’em, it’s high cards that truly matter so when a free texas hold’em player has a hold of low pocket cards (3, 5) it’s understandable if you want to fold even if the flop hasn’t been revealed yet.

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s better to restrict yourself to playing low limit free texas hold’em for the meantime simply because you’re not that familiar with the rules of free texas holdem yet so all the more chances of losing.

But once you’ve improved then by all means, do play free texas hold’em games of no limits and start raking in the money. In no limits free texas hold’em, it’s very usual that free texas hold’em players go all-in. Even though there’s obviously a high risk involved when going all-in, we advise you to try it even just once so you’d know how it feels and if your instincts turn out to be correct in free texas hold’em.

Enjoy playing free texas hold’em!


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