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Additional Texas Hold’Em Rules to Memorize

Why allow the Texas Hold’Em veterans to get the better of you when there’s no need for that to happen?

If you want to become as good as them at knowing the ins and outs of Texas Hold’Em, this is just the article you’ve been waiting for. All the questions you have about the game shall now be answered – and then some.

Q#1 – How Long Can I Take the Time to Make a Decision? Not that long. Let’s face it. Is there any of us who would wish to play against a Texas Hold’Em player who takes a gazillion years to simply decide to raise the ante to two dollars? None, of course! So while you're not rushed there are limits to everyone's patience.

In poker, any player who is rightfully impatient can always shout “clock” or “time” and the dealer shall then give the guilty player 60 seconds to ponder his alternatives. When that minute is up and he’s still clueless, the dealer shall give him another 10 seconds to think it over. If his brain is still mush after that, his hand will be mercifully killed by the dealer.

Q#2 – What’s the Deal (Pun Intended) about Verbal Discussion of Hands?

If you actually made the mistake of letting the other players know exactly what cards you’re holding, do you know that could earn you a penalty? So better to just keep quiet.

Here are other situations and rules that concern verbal discussion of hands in Texas Hold’Em.

No player is allowed to verify whether what the player said about his hand or another’s is true or not.

Only the dealer or the necessary figure of authority has the right to verify the claims made by a player but he can do so when the hand is over but before any winnings is distributed.

If it turns out the claims are false, the Texas Hold’Em dealer shall not hold the player unaccountable. But if the dealer discovers that the player deliberately made false claims to manipulate the outcome of the game, he may be penalized or ejected from the table.

Q#3 – Is Rabbit Hunting Okay? I’ve said this over and over but some neophytes still never learn: please avoid stealing a look at the discarded hands of other players. That’s simply not right or allowed! If you get caught you can get kicked from a table.

Q#4 – Can a Player Reveal His Pocket Cards to Another Player? No! But the player may reveal his pocket hands to one who is merely there to watch the game and is not playing any hand.

So there are some basic rules to keep in mind, now good luck at the tables!


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