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Holdem Poker's Popularity in the US

The best holdem poker players comes from the USA. The reason, is that Holdem poker is the most popular poker game in the US and also one of the most popular casino games. The game itself is not so different from the classic poker - it's all about the cards. The dealer puts 5 cards with their face up on the table and also deals 2 cards to each player. The player has to make a combination with the two cards in his hands and with at least three cards from the five on the table.

Speculations for Holdem Poker's popularity

The Americans are known as people that want everything, anytime and fast. It can be seen in the culture, at the TV shows and movies that are becoming more intense all the time and in the fast food industry that grows constantly. Everyone wants immediate satisfaction. That behavior can explain the popularity of holdem poker rules among the Americans. Holdem Poker is a fast game, maybe the fastest Poker game, it has much more tension than the Orient's favorite, backgammon, and it's much more interesting. This combination of interest and speed makes it so popular. Don't forget to check our dos and casino online article. How to play free slots with bonus poker on poker bonus code for in your account.

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